Thursday, September 1, 2016

Whole 30 experience: Take 2 - - Day 3

Today has been a tough one. I am feeling pretty tired and irritated I can't eat things. Today I have really craved starbucks, my body is clearly withdrawling from dairy and sugar. I didn't plan for meals well and am lacking motivation to plan... I need to though if I plan to succeed... I will say that I think my hormone levels are more regulated but my breath tastes worse, I don't know if detoxing could cause that but I hope it passes! Breakfast: Coffee, an apple and 2 slices of bacon. Lunch: leftovers from last night, potatoes, chicken, broccoli, 24 ounces of water Snack: 2 deviled eggs made with homemade mayo with a slice of bacon, 24 ounces water Dinner: Mcdonald's chicken bacon ranch salad without cheese and with balsamic dressing and 24 ounces of water. I'm feeling pretty deprived after watching my family chow down cheeseburgers and frenchfries, plus the salad wasn't all that great... :/

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