Monday, September 19, 2016

Whole 30 experience: Take 2 - - day 20

I am seriously considering calling it. It can have been Whole 20. I feel ready to start my reintroduction... I would still call this a success. I'm reaping lots of benefits, mainly for me has been my drastic reduction in anxiety and my noticeable increase in energy. The 11 lbs I've lost isn't bad either. I still would like to lose 5-10 lbs but I think I could do this by eating paleo and being a bit more active. I'm hoping to start a yoga class soon too. I noticed that the beer took the place of water so I ended up drinking a lot of water at dinner. The pizza and beer at lunch made me so bloated and full I was barely hungry for dinner and was still overly full feeling at bedtime. Breakfast: paleo English muffin, avocado, turkey and coffee Lunch: 3 slices of gluten free gourmet veggie papa murphy's pizza with olive oil/garlic sauce. oh, and 3, that's right 3, gluten free beers Snack: Dinner: 2 more pieces of that pizza with some grilled chicken 10 cups of water

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