Sunday, September 25, 2016

Whole 30 experience: Take 2 - - day 27

Today was the birthday party and also a Seahawks game. I regretfully had more gluten today. It doesn't make me feel good. Last night I felt overly full and had a bit of a belly ache. After eating the leftovers and beer today I felt overly full again to the point I didn't even feel hungry for dinner. And my water consumption was down because of the dumb beer. The scale was up 2 pounds this morning, not sure if by gluten or legume but one of those has caused some bloating and my money is on gluten. I had been looking forward to a street fair in town that was this weekend but my general anxiety I think got the best of me... Breakfast: Paleo English muffin, egg, bacon, coffee, paleo vanilla creamer Lunch: bud lights, left over pizza Snack: veggies with paleo ranch, berries, paleo cupcake Dinner: Small amount of spaghetti squash with some sauce and meat balls 9 cups water

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