Monday, September 5, 2016

Whole 30 experience: Take 2 - - Day 6

My old church peeps added me to a Whole 30 Facebook group they're doing with the church. I have support finally! Tomorrow already marks a week! My kids are driving me bonkers and it's hard not to eat what everyone else is eating. :( I'm still craving my favorite Starbucks drink, basically all the time. My hormones are still feeling more in check, although I can get grouchy I feel like my mood is more stable, I don't have magical extra energy though. Breakfast: 1.5 slices of bacon (I couldn't eat the biscuits and cheesy eggs my mom made for the rest of the family), coffee with coconut milk Lunch: A burger patty, 2 romaine leafs, pickles, homemade mayo, sugar free ketchup Snack: Dinner: 1 grilled pork chop, steamed broccoli, sliced potatoes baked

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