Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Whole 30 experience: Take 2 - - day 22

Today I had to take 2 of my kiddos to an appointment out of town in the middle of the morning and had a meeting in the early afternoon so this resulted in me and all 4 kiddos in the car most of the day. We were able to hit chipotle for lunch so I stayed compliant for lunch. I actually forgot to feed myself before we rushed out of the house so when I stopped to get gas I tried to find something compliant to munch on. I found cashews, although in peanut oil were better than the McDonalds drive through and an apple which I didn't end up eating because it smelled of chemicals... yuck. Interestingly, on our long drive I had to drive over a long draw bridge. It was foggy and I couldn't see the land on the other side, I started to panic. Like panic, panic... As soon as we made it across safely I was ok but I don't like that feeling. I'm not sure if the gluten free pizza/beer ingredients contributed to the return of anxiety or if it was just a coincidence. I want to know though so I am going to do a more controlled introduction. Tonight at dinner I reintroduced corn so I plan to go the next 2 days W30 to evaluate how that impacts me. Breakfast: Paleo pumpkin spice latte, cashews Lunch: Chipotle salad with carnits, pico and guac Snack: Dinner: Shrimp fajitas with corn tortillas and guac, chips and salsa, chardonnay 9 cups water

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