Thursday, July 12, 2012

Playing catch up. The story of my life!

For those of you who care to follow our mission "dinner impossible", I apologize for my lack of posts. I have been taking pictures and had good intentions to post. Today's post will be multiple meals in one.
Day 6 we had "chili coke roast" with mashed potatoes and garlic green beans. It was really good and pretty easy too since the roast was a crock pot meal. This is a pic of Lylli's plate (I forgot to take a pic until after I ate!), don't mind her fat scraps!
Look how happy Lyl was to eat her dinner. lol
Day 7 we had some technical difficulties... The meal on the menu was bacon and cheese quiche with fried potatoes and this fell on a night that Luke was making dinner. When I got home from work he was working on the potatoes and the quiche was in the oven... I settled in to feed little baby Lucy while dinner was finishing cooking when I heard a noise of dismay (lol) emerge from the kitchen. Luke forgot to put the eggs in the quiche!! You don't have a quiche without eggs. Here is a pic of the non quiche...
Needless to say, we did not eat this for dinner. haha We did eat the potatoes and I made some scrambled eggs to eat with them. Dinner was saved and without a trip to taco bell! Yay us!
Day 8 was also a Luke night to prepare but he remembered all of the ingredients (success!). We had "brown sugar meatloaf", or "loaf" as the kids called it, with mashed potatoes, corn and rolls. It was so good!! And pretty easy too.
Day 9 was SO good and SO easy. Everyone should try this!! "mexican chicken" with rice and veggies. This was as easy as chicken in a pan, salsa over it, baked and pulled back out to top with cheese for the last few minutes of baking! We also had tortilla chips on the side. Yum yum yum!!
Day 10 is my last meal to catch up on with you. We tonight we had "burgundy pork", it was supposed to be beef but I had pork roast so I substituted. We had it over pasta. Super easy because it was in the crockpot all day and all I had to do tonight was boil the pasta. Nothing bad to say, everyone loved it!
I had forgotten to take a picture before we ate (again!) so this is part of what I packed up for Luke to take to lunch tomorrow. It tasted much better than it looks in this pic. lol
That catches me up for now... Tomorrow we have "apple butter pork loin" with baked beans on the menu and I am kind of excited. :)
Here are a couple of pictures that help you understand why it has taken me a while to find a moment to post.

My little helper. :) She keeps me busy!

I had a birthday!
4 crazy kids!!

Thanks for reading! ~Casey

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  1. Love it! I only have one and am constantly playing catch-up! Your babies are ALL beautiful! Has Lucy had another treatment? Her birthmarks are hardly noticeable in that last picture. I'm still amazed by technology- in awe really! Hope all is well- wish you lived closer!!