Friday, July 6, 2012

Mission "Dinner Impossible" and a few other things

I missed a couple of posts... So for those of you following my mission, "Dinner Impossible" meals 3 and 4 were "bubble pizza" and a new take on "tuna noodle casserole".
The bubble pizza was a hit and super easy. It's made in a 9x13 dish with refrigerator biscuits on the bottom as the crust, ground beef mixed with spaghetti sauce and topped with cheese. This was even easier because Luke had already browned the beef on our prep day! It was easy, tasted good and the kids loved it. Can't beat that!
Here is a not so appetizing picture of the bubble pizza. lol It was like a spaghetti pizza if you can imagine that.
The tuna noodle I forgot to take a picture of and it is gone already! There wasn't anything really special about it, it was tuna noodle casserole. haha It was made with cream cheese though which made it yummy. Again, everyone loved it!
I'd say this mission is getting easier to stick to. We know we CAN, plus the kids are responding really well to it too and that is awesome!
On a non-dinner note, Lucy has her first tooth, can clap and can play peek a boo. All within the past 24 hours! GO Lucy!!
Here are a couple of pictures of our wonderful children, for your viewing pleasure. :)
Here are the big kids playing and getting along even! Please disregard our pitiful lawn!
 Here are my girlies. How sweet are they?!
Thanks for reading! ~Casey

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