Monday, July 2, 2012

Deliciously complicated...

We started our menu today, like I said yesterday we started with honey pecan porkchops, sweet potatoes and broccoli. I have to say that this was a MIGHTY delicious dish. The chops reminded me of my favorite McDonald's meal when I was a kiddo, chicken nugs with honey! Although this picture doesn't look so great, this was my 2nd helping. lol

Lucy likes it!

So, yes. It was very, very good but still not as simple as we need in order to keep up a good dinner routine. I am hoping that as we continue it will get easier and we will get better at knowing what we need to do and can do on our prep day to be ready and relaxed at dinner time. One of the items I made to help us stay organized is this menu, I saw this idea on

I took a dollar store picture frame that we had, I spray painted it, printed this printable menu and put it in the frame. We are using a dry erase marker to write the meals so that we can reuse it every week. I should probably also say that the site we are getting our meal ideas from is Thank you "momswhothink"!
Tomorrow we are having chicken stroganoff. I am hungry just thinking about it! ~Casey

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  1. Are you having apple pie too? I bet if you are, it would be good.