Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Whole 30 Experience: Day 12

I just finished reading another bloggers recap of her experience with The Whole 30 program and it motivated me to document my own journey, if only for my own personal viewing pleasure when I am done. I am on day 12 and today I am surprised that it seems a little easier than it did yesterday and especially last week! I'm almost half way through. Some pros and cons so far... Pros: I cheated and weighed after week one and was down 5 pounds (water weight I'm sure but still...). My clothes are fitting better. Cravings are less and less as time goes on. I feel like my hunger and full signals are already starting to regulate and know the real difference from craving and reality. I have definitely noticed a better sleep quality through the night, from day 1. My anxiety has decreased, I struggle with social and generalized anxiety and I can say with certainty my generalized anxiety is less. I've already learned a lot about my cravings and how what I thought would be the hardest to go without, hasn't turned out to be the hardest. Cons: I didn't read the book entirely before starting so that was a con I put on myself. It's important to know what you're doing. haha It's expensive to feed a family of 6 these kind of dinners! I'm tired of lettuce, and eggs. I'd love a beer or 2 with my Seahawks games! Other thoughts: I love chicken and potatoes. I love compliant chicken sausages. I miss the ease of certain foods like pasta and bread and the tastiness of cheese. That's all I have for today. Thanks for reading! Casey

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