Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Whole 30 Experience: Day 28

I want to start with a couple of things I had noticed by day 12 that I forgot to mention in my first post about my Whole 30 experience were that my nails are much healthier, growing faster and stronger... Virtually no more pealing which has always been an issue for me with my nails. Another is that I have basically had no gas at all, I didn't think I was super farty before this but holy moly, there is like almost none now. So, ya... There's that. You're welcome. haha Ok, Day 28?! Day 28!! I really didn't expect to make it this far in the challenge and now I'm nearly done! What have I noticed between days 12-28? All the same benefits I noticed earlier on I am still benefiting from. I was holding out for the change in tastes, no need for an alarm clock, reduced chronic neck pain and a magical cure to my bumpy arms. The past couple of days when my alarm has gone off I have hit snooze but not fallen back asleep, I don't know if that really is a result of the diet change or a fluke but I'll take it. I also had an apple today and it tasted more amazing than normal, maybe it was just an amazing apple. lol I can say definitely that my chronic neck pain is reduced/not as debilitating as before I started but not gone and that my bumpy arms are not magically cured at all after 28 days. In reading the book it is clear that if you came in to the challenge hoping for specific results that you haven't received by day 30 that you should continue on, maybe your body needs a Whole 45 or Whole 60... I have dabbled with the idea of continuing but I don't really want to! haha I am going on a short cruise in November and really want to know how things affect me before then so I am prepared for other foods and know what to expect. I am going to follow the 10 day fast track reintroduction and I am going to actually take the optional extra days and reintroduce gluten free beer first! Woohoo! At this point, day 28, I really have 2 weeks not 2 days left... I am excited for the changes in the next 2 weeks though. I am excited to plan the meals I get to experiment with. After my reintroduction I do plan to stick to a Paleo diet for the most part afterward, not as strict and with wiggle room for fun. I hope that I can handle that, I'm not really a gray area type of person. A couple of extra thoughts on day 28: My emotional cravings have reared their heads a few times throughout making sticking to the plan difficult but I'm proud of my ability to push through. I can fit in jeans that I haven't been able to wear for months. I am actually excited to measure and weigh in 2 days and see how far I've come! Watch for my post about my reintroduction! Thanks for reading, Casey

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