Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Watching the $

A few weeks after the new year and my resolution is going strong. We have a budget that could have us mostly debt free in about 6 months, planning a vacation home (to WA to visit my family and friends!) and eating our meals at home!
Aside from our lack of energy from spreading ourselves thin (me working and maintaining our home and family and the hubby working 2 jobs) our plan is working well. We are seeing where our money is going and how we can get it going where we WANT it going. Hubby is keeping me on track and me him. 
We had a flu bug run through our home last week and I lost 4 pounds, I've noticed with eating our meals at home though I had already lost a pound or two and am maintaining the 4 pounds less weight! This is great motivation for me to keep up the work and energy I'm putting into keeping our meals at home. 
In review, we are making a budget and trying our darndest to stick to it in order to pay off our debts quickly (requires great restraint), preparing and eating our meals at home and keeping our receipts so we know what we are spending our money on. Already we are seeing the rewards of our hard work! 
If anyone out there is interested in more detailed explanations, let me know and I'd be happy to share. 
Thanks for reading!

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