Sunday, January 15, 2012

DIY task of the day: Homemade Fabric Softener

Since starting to make homemade laundry detergent for ourselves about a year and a half ago, I had cut out fabric softener because of the extra expense. I had tried using vinegar but just wasn't so pleased with the results that I kept it up. The other day I ran across a "recipe" for homemade fabric softener so I whipped some up today and it was SO easy and inexpensive! I haven't done any laundry with it yet, but it smells amazing so I know it will smell great in our laundry. The next thing I want to try with our laundry are those "dryer ball" things ...
They are supposed to help with static. 

Fabric softener:

I made a "how to" on the fabric softener, check it out here:

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