Sunday, December 18, 2011

A little joyful, a little bummed and a little hungry!

Today Lylli and Lucy both performed in our churches Christmas play! Lylli was Mary and Lucy was baby Jesus! 
The play was... funny and no, it wasn't a comedy... lol but my girls were beautiful (as you can see)! And there is just something so special about little kiddo's voices singing Christmas songs. 
I edited my second youtube "how to" video today on making your own laundry soap and I am so bummed because the video is skippy (no clue why) and my subtitles were cut off, so it's no good. It looks like I will have to do some more editing tomorrow to hopefully get it good enough to post. 
HUNGRY! My chicken grilling master of a husband grilled us some chicken, I made a cheesy alfredo and broccoli to go with and you can't forget french bread! Be jealous. :)

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